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othAuth 0.5

Posted in CakePHP by othy on November 14, 2006

oh my god it’s been ages since my last post, have never been a fan of blogs to be honest :-/

anyway sorry guys the (huge) delay,

but I have good ( old ) news, othAuth 0.5 is here! and the docs too! yay!

The helper, component and article are all at the bakery

So what’s new ?

othAuth now has the notion : modes, a mode is a way of handing users/groups and permission, the default mode is called oth, in that mode, a user belongs to a group and a group has many belongs to many permissions. another mode is nao, and in which a user has many groups, another mode is acl but it’s in heavy dev. I’m planning to add a sim mode, in which there are no groups, just user s and permissions.

some other features include limit login atempts, a way of doing some action ( blocking access to login page, add a captcha, email administrator ) if a user has too many wrong login attempts.

you can add other info to the auth session, for example the user model hasOne profile, you can choose to have the profile available in the session too, that means the session info now is not limited to user, group and permission.( this feature requires the unbindAll function )
also you can use a different encryption method, even your own, by default othAuth uses md5, bu you can use, crypt, sha1 or a callback.

Keeping track of logins, is another interesting feature to discover

Please, Don’t forget that othAuth is a community thing, even if I wrote it, I don’t really consider it mine, it’s for the cakePHP community, you can put some efforts to understand its code and make it better, document some thing, fix bugs and give back to the community

thanks for the people who helped Naonak in the code, and Dieterbe for the docs.