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CakePourTous – Voulez vous Caker avec moi ?

Posted in CakePHP by othy on December 28, 2006

Some of you might already know, but I don’t write about anything until it’s official.. 😛

So what was I saying, oh frenchy, yeh..so I started this blog about cakePHP in french.

It was really needed because the community is growing and some people ( they are quite many ) still can’t cross the language border.

It’s called CakePourTous and translates to Cake For Everyone.

The aim of this new Blog is to provide material about cakePHP. Be it news, articles or Tutorials. Maybe a glossary, or even screencasts! anything that can encourage curious minds, help new comers, or clarify advanced stuff for the experienced bakers.
So if you’re looking to refresh your french skills as cakebaker or if you’re straightforwardly a french speaker, I give you a rendez-vous there.

Last but not least, there is the official french cakephp google group jump there if you need some help or want to join the community by helping others.


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  1. Yes!! Oui, Bien content/really happy to see this happening.

    From Québec, I salute you

  2. Robert K S said,

    Thanks for you work on CakePourTous. I’m looking to hire (or contract freelance) CakePHP developers (or an agency that bakes in Cake) in the Paris area for a web development project. (Complete message from our CEO follows.) Facility with English a plus. Thanks!

    Robert K S

    Je cherche de dĂ©veloppeurs CakePHP pour un projet d’envergure:

    – soit en Freelance
    – soit une web agency avec des developpeurs familiers avec Cake

    Le projet sera dirigĂ© par un CTO amĂ©ricain. L’anglais est un plus!

    Si vous connnaissez des personnes succeptibles d’ĂȘtre intĂ©resser ou
    des agences web faites le moi savoir! Etant donné que Cake sort un peu
    du four une ‘grande expĂ©rience’ de Cake n’est pas requise mais nous
    cherchons des gens ayant une bonne maitrise de PHP et
    MySQL (surtout une experience dans le design de BDD, expérience à

    Merci d’avance!

  3. Robert K S said,

    With reference to the above, you can e-mail me at robertks@hotmail.com. Cheers, Robert

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