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ConfComponent db Based configuration

Posted in CakePHP by othy on February 16, 2007

Hello, it has been some time now. My apologies for that, I’ve been kinda very busy lately ( whine whine..). But anyway I’ve found sometime to release something, and oh Ma! it is something! heh well, not really. This time I have a configuration component for you. I hear you saying, but cake already has a configuration system. Yes it has, and it’s very nice. really neat. But it’s not db based, meaning the configuration files are stored in files in app/config/. it’s no big deal but in some cases you have to use the db.

So anyway the component is in bakery along with a tutorial. check it out.

PS: If the links say the article doesn’t exist, you gotta wait until a moderator validates them..or write a comment with your email so I can send it to you.