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unbind All associations except some

Posted in CakePHP by othy on June 3, 2006

This is a very handy method ( in your AppModel ).

Many times you have a model that has a lot of associations, and for some stuff, you don’t want the overhead of all the associated data. For that you use $this->recursive = ‘-1’, this turns all associations completly. or you can use calls to unbindModel. but then sometimes, you don’t know what associations the model has ( ie. a piece of code you wrote that is used by other people, a component most likely ).

for that there is unbindAll, this method will shut off all associations except the ones passed in params, usage:


Neat eh ? here is the code:

function unbindAll($params = array())
foreach($this->__associations as $ass)
$this->__backAssociation[$ass] = $this->{$ass};
foreach($this->{$ass} as $model => $detail)
$this->__backAssociation = array_merge($this->__backAssociation, $this->{$ass});
$this->__backAssociation = array_merge($this->__backAssociation, $this->{$ass});
$this->{$ass} = array();

return true;


15 Responses to 'unbind All associations except some'

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  1. Neat idea. I like it very much 🙂

  2. Tommm said,

    Something is wrong, or I’am wrong. I try to implement the auth component from http://bakery.cakephp.org/articles/view/148 I use simple User model.
    class User extends AppModel
    var $name = ‘User’;
    Maybe my User model is bad?


  3. othy said,

    class User extends AppModel
    var $name = ‘User’;
    var $belongsTo = ‘Group’;

    user belongs To group

    but this is not related to unbindAll, is it ? 😉

  4. acorus said,

    Can anyone explain why we need this code
    $this->__backAssociation = array_merge($this->__backAssociation, $this->{$ass});

    to be called for every model in the association array? It seems is not changed for every models in the loop and just makes same(redundant) data. Same present in native cake unbindModel.
    I mean why we need that besides just this: $this->__backAssociation[$ass] = $this->{$ass};

  5. […] a little teaser in form of a behavior for Cake 1.2 called ‘Containable’. Essentially it is yet another way to unbind associations from a model recursively on the fly. However, I think it’s more powerful […]

  6. […] teaser in form of a behavior for Cake 1.2 called ‘Containable’. Essentially it is yet another way to unbind associations from a model recursively on the fly. However, I think it’s more […]

  7. Tim said,

    The __backAssociation array is used when restoring the default associations after a findAll for example. But yeah, you have a point. Maybe it that in certain circumstances, there are associations in the _backAssociation that are not in __association. In that case, your faster approach would potentially delete associations…I think.

    Mind that, I don’t think that the __backAssociation should be accessed since it is private. You probably should collect an array and then call unbindModel instead.

  8. […] sy menemukan blognya Othy yang membuat sebuah fungsi yang cerdas yaitu fungsi unbindAll. Dengan fungsi unbindAll ini kita […]

  9. […] so what about unbinding associated models ?  … well … what I do is that I use the cool unbindAll function by Othman Ouihibi. I’ve been using it since CakePHP 1.1 days. But there’s a […]

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  11. hgj said,


  12. test said,


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  14. fitorec said,

    Ha have a simple snippet:

    // in my AppModel
    	function unbindAll() {
    		$relations = array(
    		foreach($relations as $relation) {
    			$models = array_keys($this->{$relation});
    			$this->unbindModel(array($relation => $models));

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